Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet a Miracle

Meeting a cancer survivor is inspiring. Meeting a two time cancer survivor is awe inspiring as in double "WOW!!"
Meet Valerie Brown who is a full fledged member of the small band of survivors to have stared down breast cancer twice. The first time she was a 34 year old single mother to a 14 year old daughter. It was the 1970s which may not seem long ago, but when it comes to cancer treatment it was almost prehistoric. So Valerie planned for the worst by making the best choices of guardianship for her daughter Carla. Then she focused her energy on fighting the cancer. In the end, Valerie won the war!

Twenty five years of checkups went by with great news. Then... the enemy returned to pick another fight. Maybe it's because she grew up on the tough streets of Boston, or perhaps it's just her disposition, whatever it is Valerie Brown is the wrong person to mess with. Apparently, breast cancer didn't learn its lesson the first time, and like the champ she is, Valerie knocked out cancer...again.

This past fall, Valerie's husband, Bill, threw her a 2nd "Five Year Cancer Free Anniversary" party. If I remember correctly, over 120 of her family and friends from all over the country came to West Palm Beach to celebrate the historic moment.

To survive cancer once is remarkable. To survive cancer twice borders on the miraculous. And if you doubt miracles happen, then you need to meet Valerie Brown because that's what she is.

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